Dinosaur Garden Plants
Poppy Alstonia Hibiscus Rhododendron
Plants of the Mesozoic and Paleozoic Eras
Many of the plants that lived during the age of the dinosaurs, the Mesozoic Era, which includes the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous Periods, are alive today and are scattered about the globe. They could be used to create a dinosaur garden or park that would give you great pleasure, add beauty to your community, and help re-establish living fossil plants.

Many of them live on the remnants of the southern hemisphere's ancient Gondwana supercontinent and others live in the northern hemisphere. They are as follows: the family Araucariaceae’s Wollemia nobilis (Wollemi Pine), Araucaria araucana (Monkey Puzzle  Tree), Araucaria bidwillii (Bunya Bunya), Araucaria columnaris, Araucaria rulei, Araucaria montana, Araucaria angustifolia, Araucaria heterophylla (Norfolk Island Pine), Araucaria cunninghamii (Hoop Pine), Araucaria hunsteinii, Araucaria arlaubenfelsii, Araucaria luxurians, Agathis australis (kauri Pine), Agathis microstachya (Atherton Kauri), Agathis robusta (Queensland Kauri); Parasitaxus usta of the Podocarpaceae family; the Gingko Biloba from China (an ancient species that may go back to the late Permian period of the Palaeozoic Era); Tree Ferns; Cycads; and Cretaceous Angiosperms such as Amborella trichopoda, a missing link from New Caledonia.

Other plants of interest include the Sequoia giganteum (Giant Sequoia), Santa Lucia Fir, Torry Pine, Bristlecone Pine, Atlas Cedar, Monterey Cypress, Metasequoia Glyptostroboides (Dawn Redwood), mid Triassic Sciadopitys verticillata
(Japanese Umbrella Pine), Magnolia Grandiflora (Southern Magnolia), Palms, and many others.

Many living fossil plants live in sub-tropical and warm temperate climates. The Gingko Biloba lives in a cold climatic zone where the temperature drops to - 20 degree Centigrade. It may also be able to tolerate much colder temperatures. The temperature tolerances are indicative of the climate conditions when the plants evolved.

One or more of the fern species in the extant genus Botrychium
(moonworts and grapeferns) may be a living cousin or ancestor of the extinct seed ferns of the Carboniferous period. Botrychium ferns are almost seed ferns. Leaf shapes of Botrychium lunaria and other Botrychium species are very similar to the leaf shapes of fossil seed ferns.

Your park will have a representative group of feathered dinosaurs. We call them birds. They will fly about, sing and make nests; at no cost to you.

The links below and Google's Image Search will direct you to photographs and locations where the plants can be seen in their natural and domesticated habitats. They may also help you locate places where they can be obtained. Living Mesozoic tropical forests can be seen at the New Caledonia and Pine Island web sites. Most of the 70.7% to 72.5% indigenous New Caledonia vascular plants are from the late Cretaceous period.
Amborella trichopoda New Caledonia
Araucaria araucana (Monkey-puzzle)
Araucaria Family Araucariaceae
Araucaria Podocarp UW-Madison

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Z. Baillonii Z. Cristatum Hibbertia Baudouinii Agathisovata

Ginko Biloba Leaves & Seeds Agathis Australis Leaves Wollemi Nobilis Leaves H., B. & C. Araucaria Leaves
Ginko Biloba Leaves & Seeds Agathis Australis Leaves Wollemi Nobilis Leaves H., B. & C. Araucaria Leaves

                                                      Plants of the Mesozoic and Paleozoic Eras Continued
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Abies bracteata Santa Lucia Fir 

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Atractocarpus Magnolia Odontoglossum Gardenia

Basic Construction And Carpentry Techniques

Thecodonts, Crocodilians, Dinosaurs And Mammals
Triassic Thecodonts Looked Like Modern Crocodilians Dinosaurs Were Faster Than Triassic Monotreme Mammals And Their Urinary And Respiratory Systems Were More Efficient
Thecodonts Walked Like Modern Crocodilians Mammals Lost Half Of Their Colour Vision Because of Dinosaur Competition
Fast Moving Dinosaurs Evolved From Triassic Thecodonts Dinosaurs And Ancient Birds Were Tetrachromats
Monotreme Mammals Have Characteristics Of Both Mammals And Reptiles
Dinosaurs In The Form Of Birds Still Rule The World

Paleozoic Era
Devonian Period
Archaeopteris Forest Landscape

See A Real Devonian Archaeopteris Forest Without Going Back In Time
The Real Difference Between A Seed And A Spore
Archaeopteris Forest Landscape 2
Extant Lycophytes such as the Quillwort (Isoetes), a close relative to the Carboniferous period's Lepidodendron, do not live in salty 
ocean water. Devonian Lycophytes probably grew in wet soil and bodies of fresh water. They may also have lived in the ocean close to shore where fresh water from rivers entered the ocean.

Late Devonian Period Plants
Archaeopteris Forest Landscape 3
Archaeopteris Forest Landscape 4
Archaeopteris Forest Landscape 5
Archaeopteris Forest Landscape 6
Devonian Archaeopteris 3 (Ancient Fern) Trees
Devonian Archaeopteris (Ancient Fern) Tree 1
Devonian Archaeopteris (Ancient Fern) Tree 2
Devonian Archaeopteris (Ancient Fern) Tree 3

Late Devonian Period Plants
Archaeopteris (Aborescent Progymnosperm) Branch & Leaves
Barinophyton Obscurum (Barinophyte)
Clevelandodendron Ohioensis (Lycopsid)
Elkinsia Polymorpha (Seed Plant - Gymnosperm)
Gillespiea Randolphensis (Fern)
Lepidodendropsis (Aborescent Lycopsid)
Otzinachsonia Beerboweri (Aborescent Lycopsid)
Rhacophyton Ceratangium (Fern)
Late Carboniferous Period Plants
Conifer: Walchia piniformis
Conifer: Swillingtonia denticulata
Pecopteris Seed and Real Fern Foliage
Seed Fern: Alethopteris valida
Seed Fern: Asterotheca oriopteridia
Seed Fern: Neuropteris tenuifolia
Cordaite Trunk and Leaf Bases
Cordaite Leaves
Cordaite Female Cone
Cycad: Spermopteris coriacea Branches and Leaves
Late Carboniferous Period Plants
Sphenophyte: Sphenophyllum cuneifolium
Calamite: Annularia sphenophylloides
Calamite: Asterophyllites equisetiformis
Calamite cisti Branches
Arborescent Clubmoss (Lycopod) Stump and Roots
Lycopod: Lepidodendron aculeatum Leaf Scars
Lycopod: Lepidodendron Foliage and Cone (Lepidostrobus)
Lycopod: Sigillaria tessalata Trunk Leaf Scars
Lycopod: Sigillaria Cones (Sigillariostrobus)
Permian Period Plants
Conifer: Culmitzschia goeppertiana
Conifer: Culmitzschia speciosa

Conifer: Ernestiodendron filiciforme
Conifer: Otovicia (Walchia) hypnoides
Conifer: Walchia piniformis
Conifer: Walchian conifer
Cordaite: Cordaite Leaves
Fern: Danaeites emersoni
Fern: Delnortea abbottii
Gingko leaf: Gingkoites pedroanum
Ginkgo leaves: Baiera digitales
Ginkgo leaf: Notoangaridium criciumensis
Ginkgo: Trichopitys heteromorpha & Conifer: Walchia piniformis
Glossopteris communis leaf
Glossopteris leaf
Glossopteris ovules: Arberia minasica  & Arberiopsis boureaui
Cycad  and/or Seed Fern: Taeniopteris multinervis & conifer twigs
Permian Period Plants
Sphenophyte: Annularia crassiscula
Sphenophyte: Annularia papiliformis
Sphenophyte: Annularia pratylenchidae
Sphenophyte: Asterophyllites longifolius

Sphenophyte: Phyllotheca griesbachii
Sphenophyte: Phyllotheca indica
Lycophyte: Sigillaria brardi
Seed Fern: Auritifolia waggoneri
Seed Fern: Autunia conferta
Seed Fern: Gracilopteris bergeronii
Seed Fern: Gracilopteris strigosa
Seed Fern: Lodevia nicklesii
Seed Fern: Neuropteris sp.
Seed Fern: Odontopteris sp.
Seed Fern: Rhachiphyllum lodevensis
Seed Fern: Rhachiphyllum subauriculata
Late Devonian, Late Carboniferous, And Early Permian Cross Sections
Late Devonian Famennian Acadian Mountains & Catskill Delta Lower Permian Rotliegend Autunian Euramerica
Late Carboniferous Mire & Upslope Forests Stephanian Euramerica


Wollemia Nobilis Leaves & Female Cone Araucaria Bidwilli Cone Agathis Robusta Leaves  & Cone Parasitaxis Usta
Wollemia Nobilis Leaves & Female Cone Araucaria Bidwilli Cone Agathis Robusta Leaves & Cone Parasitaxis Usta

Banksia  Pyrola Bessera Elegans Carpolepis Laurifolia

Basic Construction And Carpentry Techniques

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